World Branded Replica Bremont’s New Limited Edition 

fake watch The famous replica Bremont Supermarine line has been popular as a very well-executed alternative to more mainstream dive watches from the replica Omega, Tudor, and other conventional mid-level offerings for a good number of years now. Well-known for their significant ability to take abuse, and their special multi-piece Trip-Tick case design, for years the only thing that seemed lacking from the line was a GMT diver. With the release of the limited edition Waterman—a 300-piece series at a very cheap price, available as of August 1st— the replica Bremont closes that gap in a very stylish method.
The fake Bremont turned to their new brand ambassador once in its testing phases, freediver and big wave surfer Mark Healey for some real-world testing. Although the Supermarine has been around the block a while now, this is the first time the 500m dive watch has been fitted with a sapphire display case-back. Obviously free-diving won’t reach anywhere near its depth rating, but we are always pleased to see it when brands actually engage in some form of real-world testing rather than simply throwing watches into a pressure chamber. It’s accurately the unexpected bumps, drops, and shocks that come with daily wear that can make or break a watch in a way that can’t always be replicated in a sterile test lab environment.copy watch
However, the crisp white/silver dial with navy indices gives the piece a rather particular aesthetic all while remaining very legible from an aesthetic standpoint the new Waterman ticks a lot of boxes. The same can be said for its crisp ceramic bezel in a matching navy and white combination. Based on the design of past Supermarine models, we have to say that this example will come sporting a healthy dose of luminous material in its bezel, hands, and indices.
What’s most appealing about this new release is the fact that this is one of the rare divers out there that sports the combination of a GMT hand, and a 60-minute timing bezel. The large majority of the time, GMT watches will be fitted with a 24h scale bezel, rather than the configuration seen here. By moving the 24h scale onto the dial, the replica watch Supermarine Waterman becomes one of the few GMTs on the market with an additional layer of functionality from a practical standpoint. Coming in at 43mm, the Waterman is definitely on the chunky side, though with short lugs so it is still wearable for medium-sized wrists, as long as you’re comfortable with a little bulk.